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Frequently Asked Questions

Which hits harder: one 12" sub or two 10" subs?

Torn between two 10" subs or a single 12" sub for your car audio? Here's the scoop: with the right power, those dual 10" subs deliver cleaner, punchier beats due to more surface area.

Meanwhile, a solo 12" sub might hit deeper notes. It's a trade-off between power and depth, so consider your ride and sound preference to rock those tunes.

How much power do I need to operate subwoofers?

Getting the right power for your subwoofers is crucial. Generally, you'll want an amplifier that provides around 75% to 150% of the subwoofers' RMS power handling. This ensures they can deliver their best performance without getting damaged.

Remember, more power isn't always better – too much can cause distortion or even blow your subs. Matching the power correctly ensures your bass thumps smoothly and keeps the beats bumping.

 If I put my subwoofer box in the trunk, will I be able to hear the bass?

Absolutely! Placing your subwoofer box in the trunk can make those bass vibes reverberate throughout your car. The trunk acts like a bass chamber, amplifying the low frequencies and giving you that immersive thump you're after.


Just make sure the box is well-secured and sealed properly to avoid rattles. So, when you hit play, your trunk becomes a bass paradise, shaking up those road trips and making your tunes seriously rock.

Can I run a subwoofer straight off a head unit?

Running a subwoofer directly off a head unit is possible, but there are a few things to consider. Most head units don't have a built-in amplifier powerful enough to drive a subwoofer effectively. This might result in weak bass and distortion.

If you're set on this, look for a head unit with a dedicated subwoofer output. You'll still need to connect it to an external amplifier that matches your sub's power requirements. This way, you'll get the bass boost you're after without sacrificing audio quality. 

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