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What is Paint Protection?

Often referred to as “PPF,” XPEL Self-Healing Paint Protection Film is perfect for protecting high impact areas, or even doing full coverage car wraps . Keep your paint safe from chips, scratches, and road debris with glossy ULTIMATE PLUS™ or satin finish STEALTH™ today

The basic kit is all you need if you are looking for minimal paint protection in the most common stone chip areas. 

  • 18” Hood

  • 18” Fenders

  • Mirrors and Headlights

Basic Kit

Starting at: $349

The deluxe kit provides moderate paint protection coverage to the central front of the car.

  • Full Bumper

  • 18” Hood

  • 18” Fenders

  • Mirrors or Headlights

Deluxe Front Kit

Starting at: $795

Our most common package is the deluxe + full hood, which provides excellent paint protection. 

  • Full Bumper

  • Full Hood

  • 18” Fenders

  • Mirrors or Headlights

Deluxe + Full Hood Kit

Starting at: $895

If you want style and excellent coverage, the premium kit provides seamless PPF lines and ultimate paint protection.

  • Front Bumper

  • Full Hood

  • Full Fenders

  • Mirrors

Premium Kit

Starting at: $1395

The full vehicle kit ultimately perseveres your vehicle from paint chips, UV fading, and light scraps.

  • All Painted surfaces on the Vehicle

Full Vehicle Kit 

Starting at: $3495

$199: Front Head Lights

$379: Rocker Panels

$199: Rear Tail Lights

$99: Mirrors

$149: 4 Door Cups

$299: A-Pillar Roof Line

$199: Door Strips

PPF Custom Kits

Starting at: $99


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