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A remote starter is like a magic button for your car! It's a nifty device that lets you start your vehicle from a distance, usually using a special remote control or even a smartphone app. So, on a chilly winter morning, you can warm up your car.

What is a Remote Starter?

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1-Way or Factory Key Fob

A one-way remote starter starts your car from afar without confirming success. The "x3 lock starter" integrates with your factory key fob, offering advanced control over your vehicle, allowing remote start and lock management.

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Starting From $399

2-Way Remote Starter

A 2-way remote starter not only starts your vehicle remotely but also confirms if the car successfully started. Additionally, these remotes offer much greater range compared to one-way systems.

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Starting From $499

My Car Mobile Remote Starter

The MyCar2 Telematics Smartphone Remote Module lets you control and track your car using your smartphone. Lock/unlock, start the engine, track location, and more—enhancing both security and convenience.

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Starting From $649

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Do remote starters affect my vehicle's warranty?

Using T-Harnesses ensures the integrity of your car's wiring system, providing peace of mind and safeguarding your dealership warranty.

We specialize in Remote Starters designed for european cars.

European cars require specialized car starters that seamlessly integrate with their advanced computer systems, distinguishing them from most models. Contact us today for a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a remote starter work?

Remote starters use a wireless transmitter to send signals to your vehicle, activating the engine and various systems like heating or air conditioning.

Is a remote starter compatible with my car?

Compatibility varies based on your car's make and model. Our experts can assess your vehicle and recommend suitable options.

Can a remote starter be installed on a manual transmission car?

Yes, remote starters can be installed on manual transmission cars, but additional safety measures are required. Our skilled technicians can ensure a safe installation.

Can I install a remote starter myself?

While some might attempt a DIY installation, professional installation ensures a safe and secure setup, avoiding potential issues and maximizing performance.

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