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Safeguard your vehicle in Ottawa with our cutting-edge anti-theft devices. Our Viper full alarm system ensures top-notch security, complemented by IGLA engine immobilizers, a leading security solution. Protect your vehicle from threats like relay attacks, OBD II hacking, key cloning, and carjacking.

Alarms & Engine Immobilizers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are people stealing new vehicles?

They use scanning devices to replicate your factory key fob's signal, allowing them to deactivate your vehicle's alarm system and start the engine undetected. This unsettling technique highlights the need for advanced anti-theft solutions to protect your valuable assets.

How does Viper or Igla prevent a thief from stealing your car?

With Viper and IGLA, secondary remotes add an extra layer of security. Their undetectable nature and unique rolling codes make duplication impossible. This ensures that thieves cannot start your vehicle or disable the alarm.

How to prevent someone from stealing my car by towing it?

Viper alarm has you covered. Its tilt sensors are designed to detect any movement, instantly triggering the alarm. Moreover, the secondary remote's rolling codes prevent thieves from silencing the siren or lights, ensuring that any towing attempt is met with a loud and attention-grabbing response.

Can I adjust my Viper alarm sensitivity?

Absolutely, you can easily adjust the sensitivity of your Viper alarm. This feature allows you to customize the alarm's response based on your preferences and the environment your vehicle is parked in.

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How does an Engine Immobilizer work?

The IGLA system is very advanced and one of the best engine immobilizer systems. Watch this video to learn more about it. Also Some features might be limited*

Why choose Derand for Anti Theft Systems?

Tune in to CTV News Ottawa for an interview featuring a Derand Motorsports customer discussing vehicle theft protection strategies, highlighting our Viper starter/anti-theft package.

Prevent Vehicle Theft with Derand

Derand Motorsports has been protecting vehicles since the '80s. Our anti-theft devices ensure top-notch security, employing cutting-edge technology to safeguard your ride. Trust our decades-long expertise for a safe and secure vehicle.
Image by Richard Horvath

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Vehicle Anti-Theft Systems

IGLA Engine Immobilizer

What's Included:

Engine immobilizer

Two IGLA remotes with advanced coding

Sequence Code as backup

+$99 for Hybrid Vehicles

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Starting From $895

Viper Starter & Alarm Combo

What's Included:

Mobile starter & GPS app

Front-to-back sensors

Engine immobilizer

Two Viper remote and 1 one way remote with advanced coding

Hardwired siren

$100 Satelite Activation

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Starting From $1395

Viper Alarm

What's Included:

Front-to-back sensor

Engine immobilizer

Two Viper remotes with advanced coding

Hardwired siren

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Starting From $895

2-Channel Camera (GPS)

What's Included:

Front, rear, and cabin sensors.

GPS cloud logging functionality.

Built-in car WiFi accessible via a SIM slot.


*Please note: A third-party SIM card, usually around $10 per month, is required for operation.

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Starting From $695

TAG Tracking System

The TAG tracking system excels in vehicle recovery with its advanced GPS technology. Partnered with insurance providers, it ensures added reliability and security. Additionally, its 7-year guaranteed battery life provides extended peace of mind.

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Starting From $395

Secure a Key

Secure a Key system electronically disconnects the battery from the factory vehicle fob after a few minutes of inactivity to prevent fob cloning. Once you press a button, the fob will reactivate and communicate with your vehicle.

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Starting From $149

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