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  • Rockford Fosgate P500-12P
  • Rockford Fosgate P500-12P
  • Rockford Fosgate P500-12P
SKU: 575P50012P

Rockford Fosgate P500-12P

Looking to add some bass to your ride without the hassle of pairing a sub with a compatible amp and enclosure? Rockford Fosgate's Punch Series P500-12P powered subwoofer has you covered. With its carefully matched enclosure, sub, and amp, you can skip the complex calculations. This slim enclosure, measuring just 11" deep, is designed to seamlessly fit into passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs, delivering deep and rich bass to enhance your music. Enjoy the impactful boost this enclosure brings to your favorite tracks, all backed by Rockford Fosgate's trusted performance.
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