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  • Tao Rock110 (107cc)
  • Tao Rock110 (107cc)
  • Tao Rock110 (107cc)
  • Tao Rock110 (107cc)
  • Tao Rock110 (107cc)
  • Tao Rock110 (107cc)
  • Tao Rock110 (107cc)
  • Tao Rock110 (107cc)
  • Tao Rock110 (107cc)
  • Tao Rock110 (107cc)
  • Tao Rock110 (107cc)
  • Tao Rock110 (107cc)

Tao Rock110 (107cc)


The Rock 110 has enjoyed a well-deserved fan following for years, and it's easy to see why. This youth-sized gas-powered ATV combines sporty styling with the convenience of reverse gear, plus all the essential safety features that parents appreciate. Staying true to our commitment to continuous improvement, just like we did with the Boulder, we've given the Rock 110 a complete transformation.


The all-new 2023 Rock 110 continues to feature our trusty 107cc 4-stroke engine, offering both forward and reverse capabilities, along with sturdy 6-inch wheels and tires. Our top-notch safety features remain unchanged, including the remote wireless shut-off for an extra layer of protection and a speed governor that allows parents to set a safe top speed. While preserving the Rock 110's best qualities, much like we did with the Boulder, we're introducing a fresh array of colors to choose from. Not only does it sport a brand-new look, but the 2023 Rock 110 also incorporates upgraded components, making it a top choice for beginner riders, all at an affordable price. Get your beginner rider started on the right track with the revamped 2023 Rock 110!


    • Engine Type: 107cc, Air Cooled, 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder, Automatic
    • Start Type: Electric Start
    • Transmission: Chain Drive
    • Engine Gear: F-N-R (Forward, Neutral, Reverse)
    • Ignition: CDI
    • Shift Gear: Hand
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.3L / 0.6 US gallons


    • Front Hand Brake: Drum
    • Rear Foot Brake: Disc Brake
    • Tire Front: 145 / 70-6
    • Tire Rear: 145 / 70-6
    • Remote Control: Yes
    • Speed Limiter: Yes
    • Engine Kill Switch: Yes
    • Battery: 12V/5Ah


    • Seat Height: 23 inches
    • Ground Clearance: 2.8 inches
    • Wheelbase: 34 inches
    • Unassembled Crated Weight: 230 LBS
    • Vehicle Assembled Without Fuel: 183 LBS
    • Carton Size LxWxH: 45x27x23.6 inches
    • Vehicle LxWxH: 52x29x33 inches
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