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  • JL Audio CLS110RG-W7AE
  • JL Audio CLS110RG-W7AE
SKU: 136S110R7A

JL Audio CLS110RG-W7AE

The CLS110RG-W7AE ProWedge offers an incredibly sturdy sealed enclosure designed to maximize the performance of the W7AE subwoofer. Crafted from solid 1" thick medium-density fiberboard, this enclosure ensures rigidity and optimal sound quality. The sleek glossy black laminate baffle features embossed logos for a touch of elegance, while the durable black carpet covering provides protection against nicks and scratches. To safeguard the woofer, three brushed aluminum rods are positioned stylishly. For easy and secure hookup, gold-plated five-way binding posts are included.
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