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Take control of your car's audio power and elevate your driving experience with our diverse range of amplifiers. From raw performance to refined elegance, we offer amplifiers that match your style and preferences.

Ottawa's Amplifier Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Car Amplifier Do?

A car amplifier increases the power of the audio signal to drive your speakers and subwoofers. It enhances the overall sound quality and allows for higher volume levels without distortion.

Why Do I Need a Car Amplifier?

If you want better sound quality, more volume, or are installing high-performance speakers or subwoofers, a car amplifier is essential. It provides the necessary power for optimal audio performance.

Can I Install an Amplifier Myself?

Yes, if you have basic knowledge of car audio systems and electrical work. However, professional installation ensures proper setup, preventing potential damage and optimizing performance.

What's the Difference Between Mono, 2-Channel, and 4-Channel Amplifiers?

Mono amplifiers are for subwoofers, providing a single channel of power. 2-channel and 4-channel amplifiers power speakers (stereo sound). The latter can power four speakers or two speakers and a subwoofer.

How Do I Determine Amplifier Compatibility with My Car Stereo?

Check the amplifier's compatibility with your car stereo's output and impedance ratings. Ensure the amplifier's power output matches your speaker's requirements.

What Are RMS and Peak Power Ratings for Amplifiers?

RMS (Root Mean Square) power is the continuous power an amplifier can handle, giving a more accurate representation of its capabilities. Peak power is the maximum power an amplifier can produce in short bursts.

Do I Need a Special Wiring Kit for Amplifier Installation?

Yes, a proper wiring kit ensures safe and efficient power transfer from your car's battery to the amplifier. It includes power cables, ground wires, RCA cables, and fuses.

How Do I Choose the Right Amplifier for My Car?

Consider your car's audio needs, speaker types, and available space. Match the amplifier's power (measured in watts) to your speakers' requirements and ensure it fits in your vehicle.

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