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IGLA security stands as a leading engine immobilizer system, renowned for its effectiveness. At Derand Motorsports, we specialize in installing this advanced technology in Ottawa. With our expertise and this cutting-edge system, trust us to safeguard your car effectively.

#1 Choice for Protection & Convenience

Why choose IGLA anti-theft?

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Introducing IGLA, an advanced digital anti-theft system powered by patented technology, providing enhanced security for your vehicle through innovative engine-blocking mechanisms via CAN and LIN buses. Built on a robust platform, IGLA offers dependable protection for your car. Security: IGLA is engineered to deter vehicle theft through sophisticated software algorithms. It effectively prevents unauthorized engine start, automatic transmission shifts, and key reprogramming, ensuring comprehensive security measures. Convenience: Operating your vehicle with IGLA is hassle-free. Simply carry the IGLA fob on your keychain for seamless vehicle operation. Additionally, even in the absence of the fobs, the system features a programmed sequence using in-car buttons for easy deactivation, prioritizing user convenience. Key Features: No subscriptions or extra fees are needed. Preserves warranty safety without affecting your car's electrical circuits. Accessible through keyfob, and sequence code. Convenient service mode offers temporary deactivation as needed, enhancing user flexibility and convenience.

Installing Vehicle Anti-Theft systems since 1984

Prevent Car Theft with IGLA Security

Starting from $995

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