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  • Alpine UTE-73BT
  • Alpine UTE-73BT
  • Alpine UTE-73BT

Alpine UTE-73BT

I love jamming to CDs at home, but when I hit the road, my routine shifts. I'm all about variety, and my smartphone is my music hub. That's where Alpine's UTE-73BT digital media receiver shines. It's a streamlined way to enjoy your tunes, podcasts, and more while on the move. This receiver plays nice with both iPhone® and Android™ devices, giving you control over your music with a wired USB connection. Plus, if streaming is your jam, the built-in Pandora® control lets you skip tracks, browse channels, and give thumbs up or down – all from the receiver. And let's not forget Bluetooth®! With a wireless connection, you're set for both groovy tunes and hands-free chats.
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