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European Car Starter

Starting at: $699

German engineering is all about precision and detail. Installing a remote starter for such cars involves time and experienced technicians. Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Volvo all start at $699.

European car starters

Providing you Convenience and Comfort.

Start your car by remote control from the comfort of your home, office, or by Mystart Plus with no distance limitations from your cell phone! Think of the possibilities; hockey games, at work, and park-n-ride.

Winter Special - $50 Off

Starters Packages

Car Front

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What is the distance on a remote car starter?

Your OEM factory remotes is dependent on the distance you can unlock/lock your doors. Other remotes can reach up to 3000 feet. Mystart Plus has no distance restriction.

Is there any warranty on the remote starter?

If your vehicle has a warranty, adding a T-Harness (Plug & Play) to the remote car starter package is essential. This allows our technicians to attach your car wires without cutting them.

Can I add my family to the Mystart Plus App?

Mystart Plus allows you to add three additional accounts for your car. Plus, if you own more than one vehicle, you can add more to your mobile garage. 

Are remote starters suitable for manual transmission vehicles?

Although more costly and time-consuming, a remote starter in a manual transmission vehicle is safe and possible.

Can a remote starter be uninstalled, and used in another?

Yes, any remote starter system can always be removed from a vehicle. However, depending on the type of vehicle, it may or may not be suitable to be re-used in another car. 

What happens if I forget to turn off the automatic starter?

Every remote starter system has an adjustable run time (usually about 15 minutes), after which the vehicle will shut off if you haven’t already turned it off.

Can I combine a viper security system with a car starter?

Yes you can combine a security system with an automatic starter. Usually add an additional $99 to the viper security systems packages.

My remote car starter is no longer working, what happened?

If your car battery is disconnected or dies for usually more than 10 minutes, it can reset the starter brain, causing the remote or app to disconnect. Call and schedule an appointment.

Common Remote Starter Questions

Remote Starter Questions

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X3 Lock or 1-Way starters communicate on a one-way signal to your car, activating your engine starter. 

Factory Fob X3 Lock - Up to 150 feet 
1-Way Remote - Up to 1000 feet

1-Way or X3 Lock

Starting at: $399

2-Way remote starters have LED blinkers that communicate both to you and your vehicle. Always know if your car has started.

2-Way Remotes - Up to 3000 feet

2-Way Starter

Starting at: $499

Mystart Plus is a mobile interface that works with your existing starter and your smartphone.


Mystart Plus App - Start your vehicle anywhere in Ontario & Quebec

MyStart Plus App

Addition to Packages: $149

"T" Harnesses are used to make remote starter installations more seamless. No wires are cut or spliced while installing the starter—highly recommended if the car has a factory warranty.


Starting at: $49

derand motorsports show room.

Visit Us! Located at 1231 Newmarket Street, Ottawa

Showcasing head-units, speakers, subwoofers, remote starters, led lighting, aftermarket accessories, and e-rides.

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